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John Borders has provided and supervised clinical care for children, parents, and families for more than 20 years.

He specializes in:

• Divorce-related parent conflict
• Parent-child relation problems
• Families

John Borders provides professional guidance as a Divorce Mediator, Co-Parenting Counselor, Parenting Coordinator, Collaborative Coach, or Clinical Psychotherapist.

Navigating the divorce process - An impartial professional can help to anticipate emotional & legal difficulties, and to preserve stability and rational thinking.

Developing an effective co-parenting relationship - Most divorcing or divorced parents need assistance re-focusing their relationship from marital to parenting issues. It can be very difficult to develop a constructive co-parent process in which child-related information can be shared and decisions made jointly.

Adjusting to unanticipated events - Otherwise ‘good’ divorces can run into difficulty down the road as children become older, new partners enter the picture, one’s financial status changes, or other unplanned events occur.

Rebalancing families - Families shape themselves in response to internal changes and external pressures but from time-to-time encounter unmanageable situations.

Re-establishing children’s development - Children may be de-railed for a myriad of reasons resulting in oppositional behavior, poor performance, low self-esteem, undesirable peer choices, or unsafe behaviors.